Saturday, June 25, 2016
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Holosync or Deep Zen Meditation?

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Review of Holosync™
by Centerpointe Research Institute, Inc.


$157 plus s&h for Level One
Format: 3 CDs
Delivery: USPS
Effectiveness: 5 out of 5
Value Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Demo Available? Yes. CD – free, plus shipping and handling.
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Centerpointe Research Institute and Bill Harris began producing
their Holosync program in approximately 1992. Most customers
I’ve encountered seem to be pleased with the overall quality
of the product and the support the company provides. Many purchase
multiple levels of the product (there are twelve possible levels
ranging in price, all greater than the initial product price
of $157).

The greatest complaints associated with the Holosync
audio meditation program include:

  • Price
  • Multiple levels to purchase (12, each level priced $157 and higher)
  • Some report increased anxiety caused by use of the program
  • High-pressure marketing that includes heavy promotion of marketing partners products.

Overall Value Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Final comments: As a long-time user of Centerpointe’s program
I can attest that it does work – though I also had that initial
anxiety problem many complain of and had to stop using the program
a few times until I was able to overcome that (required buying
another program to help deal with the anxiety that was coming

From there, I had good results with the program. The pricing
is high and doesn’t reflect new realities in the market – such
as being able to buy a similar product with multiple levels
for about half of what Centerpointe continues to ask for just
the first level of their program.

If you’re someone who isn’t able to burn a CD though, or if
you need to talk with a customer service rep on the phone then
this company might be the better choice – assuming you’re willing
to pay a premium for that. Although it’s nice to know people
are there during normal business hours most people rarely –
if ever – need to call someone. But if you tend to require more
customer care, then you should definitely go with Centerpointe.

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Review of Deep Zen Meditation
by Holothink, Inc

Price: $77 – Includes Levels One and Two
Format: MP3
Delivery: Download (Immediate after payment)
Effectiveness: 5 out of 5
Value Rating: 5 out of 5
Demo Available? Yes. Free with email subscription.
Learn more:

Holothink, Inc was the first company to start pushing Centerpointe Research Institute. The founding members have experience with the exact same technology used by Centerpointe, dating back to 2002. The company was founded on the concept of providing a product of comparable quality to Holosync, with a lower price tag which is possible because of digital delivery and lower overhead costs.

Most customers I’ve encountered swear by the quality of the programs (Holothink offers a variety of programs designed to address specific issues, whereas Centerpointe Research claims their product can do just about anything – this is highly debatable and subject to individual opinion. My opinion? It’s marketing hype and nothing more since most of what they claim isn’t provable.) The greatest complaints associated with the Deep Zen audio meditation MP3s include:

  • Large file sizes require some time for download – customers on old-fashioned dial-up should avoid – broadband users will have their product in 10-minutes.
  • Some customers not familiar with listening to MP3s or creating their own CDs have technical problems. The do provide extensive support for this and once you “get it” it’s quite simple.
  • Customer support quality rated high, however currently no phone support which is a drawback/concern for a minority.

Overall Value Rating: 5 out of 5

Final comments: I really like Holosync’s product line and they’re continually improving what they have to offer (one advantage of a digitally downloadable product versus a product already burned to CD). The company has a smaller feel to it (this might change over time as their popularity continues to grow) and they seem very open to customer feedback.

Initially I didn’t like some nature sounds used in their program so I wrote customer support and within 24 hours they provided me with a new version of the program that I love. Customers who do not own an MP3 players (like an IPOD) or who are not able to burn a CD may have trouble using the program.

Hopefully the company offers CDs soon (as they’ve indicated they will). Otherwise I think you’ll find the price is very fair value, and I really appreciate the online demo and immediate downloads of their programs. Some people don’t mind waiting days or weeks to receive an order – but most people like to be able to try the goods now.

Try a free online demo here:

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